Who am I

I am a web architect and designer by trade, with experience in the travel and tourism industry, the games industry and the customer experience sector

Following a commendation at the 2005 D&AD Student Awards, I have designed over 80 websites in my career, over 40 wireframes, and just shy of 25 apps. Be it fully-fledged websites, APIs or game services that have to deliver content to tens of thousands of players on one server, I scope it, define it and get it done.

I am an advocate for Agile development (having been Scrum master or product owner in different companies), and I have managed teams from 6 to 300 business analysts, designers, developers and testers. I know what is required for the project and I work with my teams to deliver the how, on time and on budget.


What I do

I provide high-quality systems and promote continuous improvement

I have developed solutions that cater for over 2.5m players concurrently, and I care that what I develop stands up to heavy usage.

Thanks to strong team and delivery management skills I promote communication between business and technical teams, on-shore or off-shore.

I have worked in active Development, Live Ops and DevOps for years, deploying live builds within minutes to over 60 nodes across the globe using a fully automated pipeline, managed by only a handful of people, giving maximum ability to the developers and providing teams with high quality data to drive data-informed and user-first practices for developing the best experiences.


What I can provide

Agile-driven, scalable architecture and project/platform delivery

I have extensive experience in international and on-shore Stakeholder Management, IT strategy definition and execution, pre-sales, Live Ops, DevOps, programme management, product development, resource planning and management

What I develop follows industry standards, whether in Java or .Net, backed by years of experience in systems architecture. I am always trying to learn about new technologies and applications to help find the best solution for internal or client-facing projects and deliverables.


More info about me

Design, development and DevOps are not the only things I have done

Big Data

I have set up multiple Hadoop clusters, pooling game telemetry and usage stats to Tableau instances for BI teams and execs

Scalable APIs and microservices

The APIs I have worked on drive web systems that connect to them for real-time updates, leader boards or account & purchase information

Content Strategies

I have worked with various clients on email comms and web content strategies, increasing customer spend by an average of 3x

Workshops and focus groups

In the past I have facilitated UX / creative workshops and focus groups to trial new design concepts, usability and accessibility features

Clear documentation

I ensure that my functional specifications, BRDs, pitch responses or use cases contain the highest possible level of detail

Security conscious

I have led and been part of ISO 27001 and PCI DSS audits in the past, and I ensure that my team follow best practice guidelines

Some of my clients

These are clients I have worked with in the past 10 years, either directly or as part of a contract or consultancy role

AC Supply Ltd ● Adventure Company ● All Ways Pacific ● Aspley Guise GC ● Audi ● Barclays ● Conrad Advertising ● Cumbria Tourism ● EasyJet ● EBS ● Enterprise Hertfordshire ● Erna Low ● Farm & Cottage Holidays ● Gigsell ● Great Yarmouth BC ● Hardwick Hall Hotel ● Havana Tours ● Herefordshire DC ● Innocate ● Intamac ● Leicestershire Promotions Limited ● Melon Design & Marketing Ltd ● North Devon Marketing Bureau ● North Wales Tourist Board ● Oxfordshire DC ● Property World ● Qantas Holidays ● Rising Star Games ● Santander ● Siemens ● Simply Carly ● Somerset College ● Southend BID ● Trek America ● USC Active ● University of Luton / Bedfordshire ● Vevaqua ● Visit Cambridgeshire ● Virgin Holidays ● Visit Canterbury ● Visit England ● Visit Leeds ●Visit Mid Wales ● Visit Peak District ● Visit Scotland ● Visit Wales ● Welcome to Yorkshire ● Whitbread PLC ● and about a dozen more...


Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about me or bounce off ideas, are looking for some pro bono advice, or just want to meet up for a coffee - then connect with me below: